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Carol in a Box is the most recent album from the children’s choir Klip! Klap!. In 2019, the band reassembled after nearly 25 years to reinterpret one of their most successful albums, Kerstmis: een heel bijzonder iets, in English.

Like all Klip! Klap! albums, Carol in a Box stems from a desire to give children an opportunity to enjoy music sung by children for children which would allow them to let their creativity, playfulness and sensitivity loose on rhythmic, melodic and charming tunes adapted to all ages.

The album is a celebration of the original Christmas tradition, turning attention away from the overconsumerism witnessed nowadays to refocus it on the message of peace that Christmas originally stands for.

The album’s synopsis goes as follows: a group of children encounters an elderly man on a busy street on Christmas Eve, they decide to accompany him on a trip which brings them back in time to the origins of the Christmas celebration: the stable with the ox and the ass.